Carissa Montgomery: Grabbed At Home, Part 3

Carissa Montgomery: Grabbed At Home, Part 3

In the thrilling concussion of Carissa's tale of binding, gagging, fondling and abusing, the helpless, topless busty girl is re-gagged, tied in a sitting position, fondled and abused some more and finally left to struggle. Can she escape her bonds?

Carissa Montgomery: Grabbed At Home, Part 2

Carissa's ordeal continues with more binding, gagged, groping and molesting, as well as some undressing so you can have a good look at her amazing tits. After some more struggling on the couch, Carissa is forced on her knees, re-gagged and groped and fondled some more. Then, kept under control with a leash around her neck, she is forced to undress down to her panties and pantyhose. The girl is molested some more and her hands are bound behind her so she can't protect her breasts from more fondling.

Carissa Montgomery: Grabbed At Home, Part 1

Super-busty blond Carissa Montgomery, wearing a tight black and white dress, pantyhose and heels, is knocked out at home with a rag over her mouth and nose. When she wakes up, she is cleave-gagged and bound. Her captor puts a noose around her neck to keep her compliant while he binds her legs. Once she is completely helpless he checks her out, fondling and molesting the helpless girl.

Anna's Pantyhose and Bondage Fun

Fetish queen Anna spends half the clip putting on pantyhose and showing off her sexy legs and feet, and the other half struggling in a hogtie with a cleave-gag silencing her cries.

Jade: Policewoman in Trouble, Part 2

Jade has the tape binding her removed and replaced with rope. Her stuffed-mouth tape gag is also removed and replaced with a tight cleave-gag. The helpless police officer ends up hogtied on the mattress, desperately trying to escape.

Jade: Policewoman in Trouble, Part 1

Adult superstar Jade Indica plays a cop in police uniform, pantyhose and heels. Grabbed by a criminal, Jade is secured with duct tape binding her hands behind her, around her upper arms, and legs and ankles. She keeps threatening her captor, so she ends up silenced with a wad of cloth secured with tape. The helpless cop is dragged to a basement and left to struggle on a bare mattress on the floor. After a while her captor returns and starts removing her tape bonds, but he has no intention of letting her go! He begins to replace the tape with rope. To be continued...

Loren Chance: Model in Bondage

Gorgeous Loren Chance plays a model who runs afoul of a psycho photographer in this action-packed clip. When the photographer starts to touch her inappropriately, Loren slaps him, and the guy grabs and handgags her. Loren ends up trussed up in hemp fope, her motuh stuffed with cloth and secured with a cleave gag. The photographer fondles and abuses the helpless girl and gets her hogtied on the floor for more abuse and molestation. Left alone, Loren manages to escape and get a weapon, but is overpowered and handgagged again, and ends up bound again on the floor.

Alisha: Dragged Into the Basement

19-year old BBW Alisha, wearing nothing but a shirt and panties, is dragged into a basement, bound, gagged and blindfolded. The helpless girl is securely tied to a chair and her blindfold is removed so she can see what's going to happen to her. Later, she is briefly hogtied on a mattress.

Double Trouble, Part 2

Brooke's peril continues. After struggling for a big in the ball-tie and ball-gag, Brooke ends up stripped down to her panties and stockings, bound and tape-gagged. Her captor removes her gag and she offers to suck his dick if he lefts her go. Instead, he stuffs her mouth with cloth, molests and fondles the girl before she falls on the floor, where she is abused some more. Finally, hogtied in bed and abused some more, Brooke is left alone - until the burglar returns to abuse her as well. Three bondage positions and lots of onscreen abuse and roleplaying.

Double Trouble, Part 1

Adult and fetish star Brooke Bound is victimized twice in this action-packed clip, while wearing a pink top, black miniskirt and black stockings. First, a burglar ties and gags Brooke after robbing her house. She has her hands tied behind her, ankles bound and a cleave-gag. Soon after, a stranger shows up, and Brooke thinks she's about to be rescued. But this guy was actually looking for a girl to grab, and now he's found one already bound and gagged. The psycho replaces her cleave-gag with a ball-gag, and he uses a lot more rope to truss up the helpless, girl, taking some time to cop a feel or two on her.

Star Captured At Home, Part 2

Star's ordeal continues. The captured girl manages to untie herself, but is recaptured, stripped down to her panties, bound again, manhandled, groped, re-gagged and finally carried off.

Bounty Hunter in Distress

Molly Winters plays a ruthless bounty hunter who is ambushed by her target, knocked out, bound, gagged, molested and abused.

Star Captured At Home, Part 1

Sweet innocent Star, wearing a dress and heels, is grabbed, hand-gagged, bound, cleave-gagged, manhandled, groped and hogtied. And her ordeal is just beginning.

Wenona: Taken Into Captivity

Wenona, wearing a tight black minidress, black pantyhose and heels, is surprised and chloroformed into unconsciousness. The sleeping girl is bound with strips of cloth, and when she wakes up she gets a wad of cloth in her mouth for her troubles. She struggles and manages to loosen her gag, but is punished with a tape gag, is groped and fondled, and the cloth strips are replaced with rope. Lots of onscreen binding and abusing!

Penelope Czar : Girl Detective in Peril

Intrepid detective Penelope tracks a bondage freak to his house, but is surprised and chloroformed into unconsciousness. When she wakes up, she is tied to a chair, and soon she has her mouth stuffed and her mouth wrapped with electrical tape. She is left with a bomb in her lap. Will a passing stranger manage to save her? 7 minutes of bondage thrills for $5.00

Ruby Louise: Bound in Jeans

Perky redhead Ruby, wearing skin-tight jeans and boots, gets knocked out by a stranger. When she wakes up she is getting tied up, and soon she is silenced with a mouth-filling gag. Plenty of onscreen binding, gagged, re-gagging, and lots of energetic struggling. 12 minutes of bondage action for $8.00